Recover Deleted or Lost Digital Images

Digital pictures are popular nowadays because of its nature of easy portability and traveling features. You are able to share your photos together with your relatives and friends easily without reaching to him by simply sharing it over different social sites or by emailing the photos. But sometimes knowingly or unknowingly that you can do some uncertain things which may cause photo loss from camera storage device, in the event you don’t have proper backup with your image files. You will be at the best place to learn about a recovery product which will be able to rescue lost photos if you are searching for virtually any perfect tool to rescue your lost photos from digital camera model. Digital Picture Recovery application is definitely an advanced featured tool to get back your lost or deleted pictures in few clicks of mouse. Easy graphical user interface of the tool helps the beginners of computer to obtain back their pictures easily.
With what ways you can lose your vital photos? This is among the most significant queries that each photo lover people must think. You have to avoid several situations in order to avoid your adorable photos from loss scenarios. Probably the most recommended suggestion would be to always make and update backup of your images captured with the camera.

Accidental Image Deletion: Most common image loss scenario occurred if you are previewing the photos taken with the camera and accidentally pressed Delete All option. After accidentally deleting files from memory card of camera you might be unable to access any images from camera storage device. Sometimes people can see several unwanted photos and decide to delete them. If you are deleting such waste photos, accidentally in case you have deleted any one of the memorable pictures then situation could become worst for yourself.

Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes, you may connect your memory card with your system via card reader for various reasons such as file moving or accessing. After finishing these operations you may attempt to eject memory card by hit on “Eject” option. In such place, you may choose “Format” option by mistake. Therefore media files which are saved in the memory card will be lost thoroughly.

Interruption during Image Transfer: At times, you may go for image transferring from memory card via card reader with computer. While relocating images, you may suddenly remove your memory card from the computer. This may cause photo loss from memory card. Picture loss in this manner cannot be rolled back easily.

Advanced Features of Digital Image Recovery Software

Digital Image Recovery tool is definitely the finest application to rescue lost image from all the popular digital camera brands and It rescues vital images using this efficient utility in case you have lost your images because of virus infection. After recovery of photos you save it any of your required storage places. You can recover lost media files from flash drives such as pen drives, USB flash drives, and external hard drives as well as flash storage cards include memory sticks and SD card, CF card which may format with any file systems structure like FAT32, NTFS, FAT16, ExFAT, and NTFS5.
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Advance Tool to Recover Lost / Deleted Data

Accidentally, I formatted my hard disk drive from which I lost all the data of hard disk. It was containing some important files and documents which were really needed to me. But I lost it. I need to get back the data which I have lost. So is there any technology or any software to retrieve my lost data? If it is, please let me know so that I can recover the data which I have lost.

Due to development of technology, it is now possible to recover the lost data of any format with the help of recovery tool. But the thing is you need to select the best working tool to recover your lost data, because some tools will not work perfectly in recovering the lost files. Here is a tool named Advanced Data Recovery which works efficiently in recovering the lost data. Advanced file recovery software recovers different formats of data likes audio files, video files, pictures, etc. Before knowing more features about this recovery tool, let us discuss about the different scenarios from which your data get lost or deleted.

Scenarios in which your data gets lost or deleted:

  • Abrupt Shut down of computer: Sudden shutdown of device while performing file transfer or any other process can be a cause for data loss. Abrupt shutdown of computer can be because of power loss or loose connections of wires leads to loss of data from your device and also at times there are possibilities of files getting inaccessible.
  • Human Mistake: Basically what happens with users is while performing different operations on computer or while using other devices unknowingly or accidentally he/she might opt for format due to which it results in loss of data from the device. This is one scenario in which data loss can occur with human mistake.
  • Virus attack: When files get affected with virus then you need to scan them by using strong anti-virus software in order to make files free from virus, or else if you restore it for longer period then hard disk may gets corrupted. Thus in this scenarios you need to format the hard drive in order to get rid of virus.
  • Other Reasons: File system corruption, bad sector, etc. are some other reasons for which you may lose your data from your device.

Extra features of Advanced Data Recovery Tool:

  • Advanced data recovery tool helps you in recovering data in a very simple and easy way.
  • Advanced data recovery software supports different versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.
  • It scans the device completely to find out the lost data or deleted data with the help of its strong scanning algorithm.
  • Advanced data recovery software also works effectively on all latest versions of Mac Operating System such as Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, etc.
  • With the help of this tool, you can easily retrieve different files formats like audio files, Images, video files, documents, etc.
  • Before purchasing, you can download trial version and preview your lost files.
  • It also helps you in saving the space of your disk by compressing the restored data.
  • Advanced data recovery tool is designed in a very simple manner so that a person who have less knowledge in computers can also easily recover the lost files.

Steps to prevent data from getting lost:

  • Maintain back up of your important files and folders. This helps you to restore your data whenever you are in need of it.
  • Scan the files regularly using anti-virus tool in order to prevent it from virus attack.

Easiest Way to Retrieve Files from Mac OS X

Mac OS x operating system of your Mac machine which is developed and marketed by Apple.Inc.  It is the basic operating system which helps you to handle all the files, folders and applications as well as enables your Mac machine to work properly. Mac OS X contains attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI) which enables ease of use for any user and it has various security features like, it is simply not possible to install a critical virus and Trojan unless the user openly allows it root contact through entering in the strong admin password as well as it has more reliability because it is designed and tested to work together.

In spite of these advantages, Mac OS X system still persist various data loss issues due to system or human error. For example, while doing some tasks on Mac system, you may lose your important files due to accidental file deletion, unintentional drive formatting, third party application usage, file system corruption, severe virus attack, bad sectors, and so on. If you encounter anyone of these data loss scenarios, don’t panic at that time, because you have an excellent chance to retrieve files from Mac OS X system by use of powerful Mac system recovery tool named Mac OS X Recovery software which is specially designed for Mac OS X systems. The deleted or formatted files will not get permanently removed from any storage media but it is not like that, you can easily recover deleted or formatted files by using this Mac OS X Recovery software effectively.

How Files get Lost from Mac OS X system?

Accidental File Deletion: Using Command + Delete key combination, you may erase your unwanted folders or files from Mac volume or from any external flash drives. While this task, you may delete your important files by mistake which result in severe file loss.

Emptied Trash Folder: In Mac system, deleted files are saved in the Trash folder. Sometimes you may accidentally click on “Empty Trash” option means entire files saved in the Trash folder will get lost immediately.

Unintentional Formatting: While encountering format error message due to system error, you may select “Format” option for instant accessing your hard disk drive which causes your entire files in Mac volume will be lost.

Third Party Application Usage: Make use of antivirus software, you can scan your storage media or Mac volume. At that time, your antivirus software may rub out virus infected files that are more essential for you without any warning.

File System Corruption: File system is the data structure used to organize files on any storage devices. This file structure may get corrupted due to abrupt power failure while file moving from your Mac system to some other storage media or vice versa.

Bad Sectors: It is the small malfunctioning division of any storage media space which is very hard to find for data accessing or writing task which result in encountering format error while accessing files.

Severe Virus Attack: Virus is a harmful piece of code which may enter into Mac volume which may cause severe infection to Mac volume and construct those volumes into unreadable.

Exclusive Features of Mac OS X Recovery Software:

  • This tool uses its outstanding search engine mechanism in order to perform Mac OS X recovery within a few simple steps and short time duration effectively.
  • You can retrieve files from Mac Volume that may format with any file system structure like HFSX, FAT16, HFS+, and FAT32 easily.
  • It is compatible with all the latest Mac OS X 10.5.x such as Leopard, Mavericks, Lion, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, and Mountain Lion.
  • It is an extremely advanced utility which can recover files from various Mac products such as Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac, and supports all the Mac hard drive types includes PATA, SATA, and IDE.
  • It supports various external flash devices like memory card, memory sticks, pen drive, and USB flash drives etc.

How to Recover Files from SD Card

It is certainly possible for one to recover files from SD card. All a user has to do is just make use of a SD card recover software and retrieve each and every file off it.

In this following video is a SD card recovery software employed to recover deleted files from SD card.

As shown above, you can employ the above used SD card recovery tool for your SD card if you’re looking to recover data off it.  SD cards are generally utilized to save photos, videos and other user data originating from phone or cameras. SD card more or less contains media data on it at any point in time and this may be backed up given the fact that most of the phones have an internet connectivity.

One can assure himself of not losing any files off his SD card by having a backup but now you can also recover files from SD card when you have no backup for your lost files. It is only possible with the help of  a SD card recovery software as shown in the tutorial video that is available above. As already mentioned, an SD card usually has media files on it so when you lose data off it, you need to employ an SD card recovery software that is capable of retrieving each and every media file off it.

Also, there are various ways of losing data from an SD card. The data may be accidentally deleted by the user, intentionally deleted by the user, accidental format of the SD card by the user, SD card errors, errors while transferring files from the SD card and so on. However, all the data lost during the above scenarios or any unknown reasons can be effortlessly obtained back by running an SD card recovery software on your SD card from which you’ve lost the data.

Regardless of what caused the files on your SD card to go missing, it can easily be recovered by using a professional SD card recovery software. You can indeed recover deleted files from SD card by making use of an application that is used in the above tutorial.

SD cards are error prone and can sometimes throw an error such as ‘you need to format the card before you can use it’, which more or less requires you to format the card. Such an error can lead you nowhere but to format the card and lose its data. Even in such circumstances you can recover data from SD card if you make use of an SD card recovery tool.

How this SD card recovery software works?

After you have lost data from your SD card, you need to put away your card regardless of what caused the data to be lost. Each and every file that has gone missing from your card remains on your card and will stay intact as long as new data will not overwrite any part of your data. If you however continue to use your SD card after losing data from it then the new data which gets written to it will most probably overwrite the lost/deleted data which you need to recover. When the data that needs to be recovered is overwritten in the memory by new data, then there’s no way you can once again get your data back. It is as good as saying that you have permanently lost the data from your SD card. So, it is a very important initial move to not use your SD card after losing data from it, which keeps your data intact on it until you employ a software to recover data from SD card.

Features that make this application the best to recover files from SD card:

  • This SD card recovery tool uses an interface that makes the recovery task an easy and effortless one with minimum mouse clicks and reduced navigation.
  • This application uses an approach that is certified to recover data from SD cards and promises to successfully recover each and every file off it.
  • It identifies as many file types which increases the chances of your file being recovered from the SD card.
  • It lets you analyze the data that was recovered from your SD card after which you are free to save the recovered data anywhere on your computer.
  • It can recover photos, videos, MP3 files and so on from SD card that was used on any device.

Effective Image Recovery from Deleted Partition

Have you mistaken deleted your system hard drive parturition and lost all your pictures stored on it? Are you examining reliable program to recover pictures from deleted partition? If your answer is yes, then no need to get tensioned because with the help of Recover Deleted Picture program it is possible to recover pictures from deleted partitions without any difficulty. This program assurances and efficiently performs pictures and other files retain from deleted partitions smoothly.

Scenarios behind pictures deletion from partition:

  • Accidental deletion: During reinstalled the operating system mistakenly select the incorrect partition for deletion, without taking significant data backup. This will be a reason behind the loss of photos and other data existing on that partition.
  • During repartitioning: When merging or resizing your system hard disk partitions during repartitioning procedure, there are probabilities of deletion of particular partition comprising of essential data. This will be a reason to pictures loss from partition.
  • Using third party program: There might be the probabilities of partition deletion due to usage of any third party application. This will result in precious picture deletion from partition.

In order to overcome behind photos deletion cause, you need to make use this advance utility to recover pictures from deleted partition easily. With Recover Deleted Picture application, it is possible to perform picture recovery from erased partition from different hard drives such as IDE, SCSI, SATA, etc. from many hard drive manufacturing brands such as Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, Toshiba, Maxtor, etc. within few simple steps. As a protective measure, it is advised to take accurate back up of your important photos and all other data and escape saving new data to deleted partition to avoid overwriting of files to make them entirely deleted.

Moreover, with the help of Recover Deleted Picture software you can easily bring back deleted partition data from MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac, MacBook Air, etc. This advance program has been specifically developed by experts to perform deleted partition data recovery from external drive of various types including Fire Wire drive, Pen drive, Thumb drive, USB flash drive, etc. with almost easy. Even new user can easily know and recover pictures from deleted partition on different versions of operating system such as Windows 7, 8, 2000, 2003, 2007, etc. This utility has ability to restore photos from deleted partition on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, etc.

When you goes to initiate picture recovery from deleted partition, make sure you have bid on right application. Chances of successful picture recovery go high when you come up with a comprehensive app like Recover Deleted Picture. It is developed with powerful scanning mechanism to perform sharp scanning of each sector on hard drive to ensure complete and secure picture recovery from formatted hard drive, external hard disk, USB flash drive, SSD, flash cards and from several other storage devices. You can also retain videos, movies, music, presentations, pictures, documents and kinds of pictures which are lost or deleted after emptying Recycle Bin / Trash Bin, system restore, OS crash, storage drive corruption, virus attack or after formatting, re-formatting of hard drive partitions. It can easily recover data from formatted, deleted or missing NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX partitions.


How to Convert Exchange OST to PST File?

The Microsoft Outlook provides a wide range of functionality like mailing, task manager, calendar, contact manager, journal, web browser, etc. The best facility provided by Microsoft Outlook is, working offline when Exchange Server faces down. There are two file formats used by Outlook to save data, Personal Storage Table (PST) and Offline Storage Table (OST).  The main difference between PST and OST file is, PST file is used when you want to create back up or archive on your computer. While OST file is used when you work offline, which is collaborated with Microsoft Exchange Server. When exchange server gets connection, OST file data get synchronized with it.

Thus, OST file is very important, as it holds all edited or modified info when sever is down. There are many unfavorable situation when OST file may get inaccessible and affect integrity of OST file. So, in order to get data back from corrupt OST file, you need to repair and convert it to PST file. However, there is a built-in utility in MS Outlook to repair a corrupted OST file. But, if you are unable to fix your corrupted OST file then you can try third party converter tool such as Convert OST PST software. The best part of this exchange OST to PST conversion tool is that it performs read-only operation which ensures that there will not be further modification or corruption on original OST file.

Common scenarios of OST file corruption

OST Header File Corruption: Header file contains the detail information about OST file, corrupted or damaged header file may lead to inaccessibility of OST file.

Up-Gradation of Server: To improve performance, admin can upgrade the existing Exchange Server, as a result existed OST files may get corrupted or damage.

Synchronization Error: All offline work is stored in OST files at specific location, and When connection gets established, all modification made on offline mode is updated in server. Any interruption while this process may lead to synchronization error.

Improper Exiting Application: While working with Outlook, if application gets abruptly closed without proper saving data, then OST file may get corrupted.

Bad Sector: If the location on local computer where OST file is stored become bad sector due to any reason then OST file will not be accessible.

Abruptly Shut Down of System: While working with Outlook, if system gets shut down due to any unknown reasons like power surge then OST file might get corrupted.

Features of this reliable software

  • It is read-only software which ensures there will not be any modification or corruption in the original existing OST file. New healthy file is created after repairing Existing OST file.
  • It retrieve OST file and convert OST to PST on exchange.
  • It repairs oversized and password protected Outlook OST files.
  • All Microsoft configuration are supported by this utility like MS Outlook, Express and Exchange server.
  • It can easily Converts healthy or damaged OST files to PST file within few minutes.
  • It has Outlook style browser view, which provides real time preview of repaired items.
  • After conversion, all Outlook attributes would retain in original folder structure.

Recover JPEG Pictures from Corrupted Memory Card

Did you lose your valuable pictures from your memory card? This may be heartbreaking as images which were much close to our heart that remind us about good past times which were spent with our family & friends. It’s true that nobody wants to lose photos, but at times due to corruption of memory card you are made to go through unpleasant photo loss situation. Most of the times you don’t even have a backup of those pictures as it is an unplanned and unpredictable scenario. You may get deeply depressed by this, but hang on a minute..! Getting depressed is not the correct way to recover photos from corrupted memory card. Then what to do? First step is to avoid using memory card and prevent tasks like formatting and running antivirus scan on the card. After these preventive actions, go to specialized Photo Recovery After utility that will help you to recover photos.

Memory cards use flash technology to store digital material like document, audios, videos, photos, etc. These are widely used currently in almost all electronic devices that support multimedia storage to store vital and valuable data. Since these cards provide a larger amount of space to stock your digital pictures, many of the professional photographers and normal users employ these cards to save captured photos. These are portable storage media and help you to transfer your photos from memory card to other storage devices on the system. But because of portability, memory cards are vulnerable to corruption.

A brief look at the memory card corruption scenario:

There are many reasons for memory card corruption, but improper ejection or removal of connected memory card from system is the one which is common reason for corruption. You may wonder how removal of memory card can become a reason for corruption. So here it is..! Whenever you pull out a memory card in between the read or write process, it may turn unreadable. As such, sudden termination of process may result in corruption of file system, which is liable for accessibility of memory card and its data. Besides this, other reasons like virus infection and repeated formatting of memory card may contribute to the same result.

JPEG images retrieval from damaged memory card is very easy by employing Photo Recovery After program. Whatsoever may be the reason, Photo Recovery After tool will get back jpeg pictures that are deleted, lost or missing from memory card in few minutes. It uses its strong scanning algorithm, to examine and locate files using unique signature and recover photos of the formats like .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .png, .gif, .raw, and other digital image format. Using this hassle free recovery tool you can retrieve your image from corrupted memory card.

With the help of Photo Recovery After program you can easily perform jpeg picture recovery after memory card corruption from professional camcorders and DSLR digital camera manufactured by Panasonic, Nikon, Kodak, Minolta, Canon, etc. With the help of this ready to use toolkit, it is possible to get back data from a digital camera memory card types like SD card, CF card, SDXC, SDHC, XD card, etc. manufactured by SanDisk, LaCie, Transcend, Kingston, etc. Photo Recovery After software can recover data from digital camera memory card supported by NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+ and HFSX file system. It has the potential to recover JPEG image files from digital camera memory card on Windows operating system such as 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2003, 2000, etc and Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, , Leopard, etc.

Steps of perform JPEG picture recovery after memory card corruption:

Step 1: Connect the memory card to your system, though card reader for JPEG picture recovery after memory card corruption. Then, download and run the demo version Photo Recovery After Software on your desktop/laptop.

Step 2: Click on Recover Photos option among the three options from the main screen and from the consecutive slide select Recover Lost Photos to restore picture from corrupt memory card.

Step 3: Now, select the connected memory card as the logical drive and then click on “Next” option to start JPEG image recovery process. After the recovery process is complete, you can preview all the recovered JPEG images from the corrupt memory card.

Basic Steps to Repair PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint is one of the most used application in the world to prepare slides for presentation. It is a part of Microsoft Suite which is developed by Microsoft. This application has number of features for making attractive slides by adding text, images, tables, sounds, animations and more effects. It is one of the best application for successful communication in front of clients, students, colleagues, etc.

If you want to restrict any editing on your PPT file by others then you should convert it to pdf format.  PPT files can be converted to many more suitable formats easily if needed.

But sometime while converting it to other format you may get error which may lead to corruption of PowerPoint file. If PPT file get lost due to various reasons after working on it for many hours, It is a terrible condition which cannot be expressed. Even if there is inbuilt repair tool but it works only with minor corruption and does not guarantee to restore accurately.

But now it is possible to repair corrupt PPT with the help of third party tool. But you should be aware while opting tool, it is advisable to choose the most reliable tool called Repair PPT which is highly used and recommended utility. Repair PPT is an effective software to fix corrupt PPT file which has read only algorithm. So it guarantees that there will not be further modification in the original PPT file.

Causes behind corruption of PPT file

  • Virus can infect the PowerPoint files and as a result these files may get corrupted and will not be accessible any more.
  • If PPT files are tried to open with some unsupported application then also there is a chance of corruption of PowerPoint files.
  • Compressing or decompressing PowerPoint files with some unreliable third party tools may affect the files and may get damaged.
  • Abruptly termination of PowerPoint application while working with PowerPoint files lead to corruption of PPT files.
  • Sudden shut down or power surge while using PowerPoint application may lead to corruption of the same.
  • If presentation files are converting to another file format and again reconverting to original format, then they may get severely broken and as a result they will not be longer accessible.

Despite of above mentioned scenarios there are more reason of PPT file corruption MBR damage, header damage, etc. In above mentioned scenarios Repair PPT will repair corrupt PPT, PPTX, PPS files in simple and secure way.

Predominant features of the software

  • It can effectively repair corrupt PPT, PPTX, PPS extension of PowerPoint with all features included while creation.
  • Capable enough to repair PowerPoint files of all version of MS PowerPoint software like 2000, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • It supports almost all popular Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.
  • This software has read only property, which ensure original file will be intact.

Fix PST File after Scanpst Fails

“Recently I had an issue with Outlook corruption when I closed the application abruptly while emails were processing. Due to this I failed to access my e-mails in MS Outlook mailbox. Then I used ScanPST.exe i.e. available at local machine which comes along with Microsoft Office pack itself. But, it failed to provide reasonable solution. My Outlook PST file was having much important information stored. So please let me know an appropriate solution to repair Outlook PST file”

PST corruption may strike anytime and affect your work continuity. MS Outlook offers ‘Scanpst.exe’ tool, this is also known as Inbox Repair Tool provided to fight with pst file corruption and get back all your valuable mail data. This tool can repair both pst and ost file in Microsoft Office Outlook. The repair process involves scanning of corrupt PST file stored locally on your hard drive to verify its file structure. When the corruption is severe, then  Scanpst.exe tool may not able to repair and recover all the data from Outlook PST file. When PST file is severely corrupt or infected with malicious virus or in case you have deleted an email, then scanpst.exe might fail in repairing it. In such cases, make use of the proficient tool known as Repair Outlook software, which provides you the complete solution on how to fix PST file after Scanpst.exe tool fails.

Repair Outlook tool is one stop solution for all Outlook related problems that helps to repair Outlook PST file that scanpst.exe cannot fix it. This is eminent software can fix PST file after Scanpst fails to work on different Outlook versions such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 etc. Outlook repair software scans the corrupt PST file in each and every file sector wise and copies files to a new document without altering the source PST file. This utility can even be used by a non-technical person to mend corrupt Outlook files easily just by following some simple steps.

Drawbacks of Scanpst.exe:

Microsoft Outlook built-in Scanpst utility has certain limitations and at times, even after running the utility, the Outlook mail items remain inaccessible. If the Outlook PST file has become severely corrupt or damaged, the scanpst.exe application runs, failing to perform any repairing operations. Apart from this, due to its varied location with respect to different operation system, many Outlook users find difficulty in locating the Scanpst in the system.

Scanpst fails to repair oversized corrupted PST files. It doesn’t have the capability to recover the attachments from mail boxes. Scanpst.exe tool is useful to fix the minor issues from the corrupt PST files.

In such critical situations only a powerful and advanced third party PST Repair Software is required. The Outlook repair tool is the most efficient and affordable repairing software to fix corrupt Outlook PST file that cannot be fixed using inbuilt inbox repair tool.

Features of Outlook Repair Software:

Outlook repair tool is very easy to use because of its user friendly design and wizard style interface that will guide you throughout the repairing process. This repair Outlook application helps you to fix corrupt, damaged or broken Outlook PST file and recover email folders, emails, attachments, subjects, message body, contacts, calendar entries, notes, mail header, journals and even the deleted emails. This software is effective and fast tool with built-in algorithms that performs the fixing process of corrupted PST files with just few mouse clicks.

Repair Outlook software creates a new fixed PST file and does not modify or change the original PST file, so that the damage is not increased further. This tool is safe and secure that is free from malware infection. This utility will easily repair Outlook file and makes all Outlook attributes and emails accessible, even if the PST file is of password protected Outlook profile.

Finding It Hard To Retrieve Pics On Macintosh Hard Drive? Go Through This Article

Picture shows the lively memories of our life. I love to capture memorable moments and like to be with me always. In olden day cameras used camera films to store photos and it was a long process as it takes long time to retrieve the picture. Today digital cameras have overcome the older ones and it is very fast that we can see the image at the moment we capture that. We are interested in sharing these photos with our friends, relatives and colleges through face book, flicker and many other social networks. It is not always safe to keep the captured photos in memory cards of the cameras as there are many chances for loss of images due to virus attack, loss of data during pulling out memory card while read or write operation is performed, and many more reasons. So it is better to transfer the data to computer for safe storage.

The computers that we commonly use work on operating systems like Windows, Mac or Linux. Here let as have a discussion on photo recovery in Mac OS developed by Apple for their Macintosh line of computer systems. The picture files that we save on Macintosh computers are also prone to data loss as same as other OS. So it is relevant to have a discussion on photo recovery Mac. There are many scenarios that cause loss of image file in Mac OS, understanding these cases can reduce the file loss from our computers. Some of them are listed below.

  • There are huge chances of loss of image file while transferring the files from cameras, pen drives or any other storage devices to computers i.e. sudden removal of pen drive or cameras during file transfer can cause data loss or corruption of data.
  • Photos can be lost due to switching off the cameras during data transfer.
  • Virus attack on the personal computer on which image is stored can cause deletion of files. Virus infection in memory cards or pen drive in which images are stored can also be a cause for data loss
  • Human errors like accidental deletion of image files or accidental formatting of the drives can cause missing of image files. Partitioning or repartitioning of the drives can also result the same

Above discussed are situations were photo recovery Mac is unavoidable. How it is possible to recover images from Mac OS?  Whether all photo recovery software can meet the expections? Wether all recovery software operates on Mac OS?  These are the main confusions that has to be cleared. I like to make you familiar with the most trusted Mac OS X photo recovery tool that makes it very simple to retrieve deleted or missing pictures from various storage devices on all the latest Mac OS X PC and laptop computers. Let us glance through the main features of the application that make it expert in photo recovery in Mac OS.

  • The application is highly efficient in recovering deleted or formatted images in various Mac operating systems like Mac OS X 10.5 and it is applicable to versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion etc
  • It can retain image files that are deleted from Trash
  • This software is brilliant enough in recovering photos from Mac volume that was formatted in various scenarios like OS X re-installation, volume corruption, APM issues, accidental formatting, etc.
  • This tool recovers images of any format like JPEG, JPG,TIFF, JIFF, RAW, CR2, DNG, PEF, SR2, NEF and many others captured with DSLR/SLR cameras.
  • It allows preview of recovered data before it is stored in the system.
  • Before you save recovered files on any storage device, this tool helps you to compress them. It makes it possible to save huge of files even when you have low space on your drive.
  • It allows the user to resume the scanning process by using “Save Recovery Session” option. In such way, it becomes easier to save your precious time by avoiding re-scanning.

These are few of the features that reveal the brilliance of application used for photo recovery Mac. I like every users to enjoy the this photo recovery software and get back your memorable moments which will take you to the old lively days