Learn how to Recover Deleted Folders on Laptop/Computer

Files and folder are the collection of information or data. There are different types of files stored inside the folders such as program files, texts, videos, photo, music, etc. Files are kept inside the folders which hold huge number of files together. Sometimes users encounter data loss from folder of system or laptop.

Have you accidentally deleted your folders which contain important documents of your office work? If yes, then don’t get panicked because you are at the right place where you can get the solution for your all query. If you really want to recover your deleted folders then don’t overwrite any new data on the lost drive. If you continue overwriting then there is very less chance of recovery of folders from system or laptop.  In such case, you can make use of Recover Deleted Folders software to recover deleted folders from system or laptop.

Common reasons behind folders deletion from system or laptop:

Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion of files and folders occurs in many ways.

  • You may use Shift + Delete key while deleting files or folders.
  • Some files may get deleted from your system when you use cut and paste command from Windows Command Prompt.
  • You may accidentally emptying or deleting Recycle Bin without seeing its contents.

Using Third Party Tools:  During scanning of system or laptop, if any of the files or folders are infected by virus then there is a high possibility that antivirus detect those files and delete them without your notification.

Accidental Formatting: You may format your system/ laptop hard drive instead of other secondary storage device. As a result you may lose important files or folders from your system or laptop.

Other Reasons: Improper shut down of the system, power failure, file system corruption, bad sectors, virus attacks, etc also leads to deletion of files or folders from system or laptop.

To recover deleted folders and files in any of the above scenarios usage of folder recovery like Recover Deleted Folders software will be much helpful. But you should not save any new files into the storage device from which you have lost folders until and unless you perform folder recovery.

Features of Recover Deleted Folders software:

  • This software can easily recover deleted folders from PC or laptop on all latest versions of Windows and Mac.
  • This software can even restore folders that are deleted from Recycle Bin or Trash.
  • Preview option is available for the users to view the recovered folders prior to restoration.
  • In case, if you want to save the recovered files then you have to upgrade the software with its full version since the demo version of this software saved option is disabled.
  • This software takes very less space for installation i.e. 50 MB.
  • This software is capable of recovering files and folders from FAT16, FAT32, HFSX, HFS, HFS+, etc formatted partition /volumes.
  • It also recovers files and folders from USB drive, flash drive, memory cards, memory sticks, etc.

Find an Efficient Tool to Recover Recycle Bin Files

Don’t lose your data anymore as there is a solution to the problem! Don’t miss the wonderful moments that you have captured in pictures or don’t lose any of your audio or video collection from your storage devices. Data loss is very common and has heard almost all the others. Most of the times user may use their system for retrieving the data, they may face some sort of errors. One error among them is loss of data. Recycle Bin is use to keep the data which is not required by the user. As this is the hidden folder in Windows OS and is used to keep the deleted files and data. When the files, folders or anything is deleted from the OS then it is saved in the Recycle Bin. This Recycle Bin is having little memory and keeps the data safe in it.

When the user later feels that he or she have deleted the important data, then the data is restored again. When this option is used then all the data are again relocated to the original position from where it was deleted. But what can be done if the data from Recycle Bin is deleted. There is a way to do recovery and to recover the data from Recycle Bin. So let’s see how to recover Recycle Bin’s data?

Let’s see that what makes the Data to reach Loss or Deletion?

  • Accidental deletion of files from Recycle Bin,
  • Formatting of a system and reformatting of drives,
  • Virus attacks in the system which results in deletion or corruption of files and boot sectors,
  • Use of Cut + Copy + Paste option some time deletes the files,
  • Using Shift + Delete option to delete the files permanently,
  • When deleting the files and if the file size is bigger than the recycle bin size then there will be skipping of data from Recycle Bin.

How to Recover Recycle Bin Data?

These were some of the known facts which can result in a loss of files. Both these files can be prevented from loss just by following a few precautions like Installing the antivirus in the system, keeping strong backup so that recovery can be made easy also after complete loss, always create a restoring points in the system so as to gain the data after any error occurs, closing of the system must be done very carefully and gradually as this reason is also a very common reason of data loss. These were some of the reasons which results in keeping the file safe. Probably these precautions may fail to save the data. No worries, even after loss you can recover the data. At last if you want to recover the data then you have to get powerful data recovery tool named Recover Recycle Bin software which can effectively recover deleted or lost data within a short span of time with the help of its unique search engine mechanism. There is only one condition which has to be fulfilled after loss. You have to avoid the data from saving after a loss occurs on that particular device.

How to Recover Deleted Partition from Win & Mac HDD?

In Windows and Mac, we have use a hard disk drive to store the huge amount of data like videos, audios, images, documents, etc. These drives are more reliable and save the data in safe and secure manner for long time. Hard Disk Drive can be divided into various logical units called Partitions. Partition play a very important role in managing system and user data and the various features drives the need for partitioning a hard drive such as to create the separation between the user files and program files to reduce access, which is increase performance, multi boot setup, and many more.
Sometimes, you can use many partitioning tools available in the market to create, resize and format hard disk drive partition on Windows and Mac OS X. During this partitioning, you can select and delete essential partitions instead of an unwanted partition. If it happened, no need to worry about how to recover deleted partition as you can perform this with the assistance of Recover Partition software. 

Causes that leads to partition deletion from Windows and Mac HDD:

  • Accidental deletion is one of the main cause behind the important partition deletion. Sometimes, while deleting any of the unwanted partition from the HDD by using Disk Management tool on Windows which contains all important data stored. In case you are searching for the solution to restore partition on Windows and Mac, then make use of Recover Partition software.
  • In order to repartition your hard drive you may use some unreliable third party disk partitioning tool, which in turn end up with deletion of partition on your hard disk.
  • Sometimes, system may enters a halt state when you converting the file system from primary to extended or vice versa. Due to improper partition conversion, the files in partition may become inaccessible.

Apart from the above described scenarios behind the partition deletion from Windows and Mac HDD, there are few more reasons such as hard drive crash, power failure during partition, bad sectors on hard drive, boot sector damage, installing or reinstallation of the OS and many other can be. If you want to restore deleted partition in HDD from Windows and Mac, you can make use of Recover Partition software.

Outstanding Features of Recover Partition software:

  • This software is capable of recovering deleted partition on multiple version of Windows including Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003 or 2008, 7, 8 , etc. and Mac including Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion, Mavericks, and so on.
  • It restores deleted partition of multiple file system like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS 5, NTFS, HFS, HFSX, HFS+ and ExFAT without any hurdle.
  • This program retrieves deleted partition of internal hard disk drive types such as SATA, SCSI and IDE, eSATA, etc.
  • This tool has designed with effective algorithm which is capable enough to retrieve deleted, lost and formatted partition and recover deleted or lost data from hard disk drive.
  • With the help of this utility, you can retrieve deleted partition Mac on the basics of file name, file location, file size and file extension with utmost ease.
  • By using this application, you can preview the recovered deleted partition before saving them to a safe location in your Windows and Mac computer.

How to Recover Deleted Files

Have you lost your important files? Don’t worry they can be recovered. First, let’s understand what a file is. File is a collection of related data and information and it is identified by a unique name. Files can contain any type of data like audio, video, text, etc. In order to manage these files there are different file systems. Based on the operating system the file system changes. Some of the commonly used file systems are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT for Windows and HFS+, HFSX for Mac. Even in external drives like SD cards, pen drives and some others, data will be stored in the form of files and the default file system for these devices is FAT16.

No matter how careful you are, there are situations where you delete your important files unknowingly or accidentally by pressing “shift +delete”. As a result of this action, files will not even be sent to recycle bin they bypass the recycle bin. Now, you feel that your file has lost permanently, but this is not the case. Actually, when a file gets deleted, file will not be deleted, only the pointer or the handle used to identify and retrieve the file will be deleted. Your data or files remains safe on hard drive, but it will not be accessible and can be recovered.

In order to perform data recovery, you can utilities Unerase File utility which can scan the whole drive and recover such inaccessible files until and unless they are overwritten by other files. It is one of the advanced file retrieval tool which efficiently recovers more than 300 file types based on their unique signature, size and name without any difficulty.

There are many scenarios where a file can be deleted; some of those are listed below:

  • Virus infection to the file results in deletion of the file
  • Accidentally formatting the hard drive or any external drive also causes file deletion
  • Severe Power outage and abruptly shutting down the system leads to data deletion
  • Improper shut down of your PC while transferring the data from USB
  • Abruptly removing the USB Device from the PC without ejecting it leads to deletion of USB Files
  • File system break down also leads to deletion of a file
  • Improper Partitioning or re-formatting the hard drive

Unerase File application can be used to recover all files that have been lost or deleted due to any of the scenarios mentioned above. Not only your hard drive files, but can also restore deleted from your USB drive, memory cards, hard drives and iPod. To know more about USB file recovery procedure follow this link: http://www.unerasefile.com/usb.html

For people those who have lost files, I suggest you to use this software because of its following key features:

  • Helps to unease missing or lost text, audio, video, image files
  • Supports fast and easy recovery of files that are emptied from recycle bin and those have bypassed the recycle bin
  • Recover files from formatted partitions and files lost during windows reinstallation
  • Supports file recovery from USB drive, external hard drives, Flash memory cards etc.
  • Provides an option to view the recovered files in order to check the chances of recovery.
  • By using “Save Recovery Session” option you can resume the recovery process.

Things to Remember: Whenever data is lost or deleted, stop using the system, there are chances of overwriting the data. This leads to permanent deletion of data beyond recovery.

Easy Way to Move Outlook Personal Folders to New Computer

Microsoft Outlook is a fully fledged email client and personal information software which comes along with the package of Microsoft Office suite. It is used all around the world for communication purpose and used to control the deluge of emails, appointments, notes, contacts, etc. which helps the user to manage the time and tasks very effectively. To manage the emails Outlook consists of two files namely PST file and OST file.Move Outlook personal folders to new computer

Sometimes user comes across the situation to migrate MS Outlook, where migrate is nothing but moving the Outlook personal folder from one device to another device. This is done due to several reasons like upgrading OS, re-installing OS, outlook freezing, etc. As PST file contains Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, notes, tasks, journals, etc. So a backup of PST file is necessary to move Outlook personal folders to new computer, if a particular backup is not provided, the PST files gets deleted and become inaccessible. No need to worry if this situation occurs because you can recover your Outlook attributes with the help of Migrate Outlook software.

Some of the reasons due to which you have to Migrate MS Outlook:

  • While up grading the Microsoft Outlook old version to new version, if any interruption occurs like abrupt shutdown of the system, or error due to any software conflicts, etc. then it leads to the corruption of PST files and the files become inaccessible.
  • Repeated freezing of Outlook may also lead to the corruption of Outlook PST file. Due to this, no activities can be carried out on it and the user has to forcefully close the Outlook.
  • While re-installing the operating system to its newer version, the user has to format the hard drive. So it is necessary to take the backup of PST file to another storage location.
  • While sending or receiving the email through Outlook, if the user suddenly turn off the system, then the PST files gets deleted. Due to this they have to suffer valuable file lost. 

Features of Migrate Outlook software:

  • This Outlook tool supports Outlook resettlement on Windows operating systems (such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 & sever 2007, etc.)
  • This software not only move Outlook personal folders to new computer but also provide back up of all the Outlook data including PST files and other Outlook attributes.
  • It consists of a powerful algorithm which is used to resettle Outlook 2010 PST file to Outlook 2013 PST file, without having any difficulty.
  • It is used to relocate Outlook data such as emails, notes, tasks, contacts, journals, calendar, reminders, etc.
  • By the use of this reliable software there is no data loss at the time of PST file migration process.


How to Perform Deleted File Recovery

Windows XP is a widely used Operating System, released by Microsoft in the year 2001 for use on personal computers, laptops, tablet PCs and media centers.

The most commonly used versions of the Windows XP Operating System are:

  • Windows XP Home Edition
  • Windows XP Professional Edition

Windows XP Home edition targeted for home and small office use and supports only a single CPU computer. Whereas Windows XP Professional edition targeted for use in a professional environment such as business and enterprise clients, a graphic design company, educational organization, etc. This OS supports both Single and Dual processors. Multiprocessor is supported only in server editions of Windows XP Professional. The minimum system requirements of this Windows XP are a 233MHz processor; 64 MB of RAM, 1.5 GB hard drive capacity and an SVGA capable video card.

If you accidentally deleted your important files from Windows XP Operating System and want those files back? How to recover those deleted files back? Don’t be panic, it is possible to recover my deleted file from Windows XP OS by using recovery software.

How to recover files?
The only thing you have to do by using Recover Deleted File software. This software recovers all your deleted files on Windows XP system with ease.

When you accidentally delete a file from your system, these deleted files directly go into Windows Recycle Bin. Later you can easily restore those deleted files from Recycle Bin by using Restore option. But, if you emptied Recycle Bin, then there is no chance to restore files from recycle bin using Restore option. On such condition you may think that your files have gone forever. There is no chance to recover such files, but those deleted files can be recovered by utilizing Recover Deleted File application. Using this software you can perform recycle bin deleted file recovery without any difficulty.

The recovery software recovers files that are deleted using Shift+ Delete combination of keys or when deleted using command prompt. It also restores files which bypass Windows Recycle Bin when they exceed in size as compared to Recycle Bin.

Recover Deleted File software provides the features of both undelete and partition recovery software. The software provides a best approach to recover files deleted from Windows Recycle bin, it also recovers files from formatted partitions or after re-installing Windows system. This powerful built in scan engine locates and recovers deleted files quickly and easily. The software has the capacity to identify and recover more than 280 file types based on their unique signature. You can also preview the deleted or lost files prior to saving it using the Preview option. Before buying the software you can download the demo version of the software to check the chance of recovery. If you are satisfied with the demo results you can buy the full version of the software to recover your deleted or lost files from Windows Operating System. This program you can recover my deleted files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file system.


Tool to Recover Data from Hard Drive on Windows and Mac

Worried about data loss in your Windows / Mac hard drive? Fear not as there is hard drive data recovery tools for Windows and Mac operating systems which can fix your data loss problems with ease. Read here for more. . .

Hard drive, being the most dynamic depended storage device to store information’s like pictures, audio, video, spread sheets, files, documents so on. But, data loss on hard drive causes frustration and this can occur at anywhere, anytime and without prior warning. Hard drive data loss is a big problem when you haven’t backed up your important files and you lose data that way. It’s really not a good thing to lose data. Safely avoiding the problem is the first priority. Hence, do proper backup of all your important files. If the files are lost, don’t worry as there is an application using which you can retrieve Windows / Mac hard drive data successfully.

There are many situations which can cause data loss on HDDs, and  Some of them are listed below.

  • Accidental Deletion: When your file get deleted accidentally by selecting an important file along with the other files which you don’t need and delete it, and empty Recycle Bin without checking the contents, you could lose data in your Windows and Mac hard drive. Or if you use “Shift + Delete” or “Command + Delete”, you lose your data permanently.
  • Accidental Format: while performing formatting of an unwanted partition / volume, if you select the wrong drive / volume and click the “Format” option, you may lose data presented on the selected partition / drive.
  • Hard drive Re-partitioning: Sometimes, while partitioning/ re-partitioning using third party application, if you perform re-partitioning your hard drive without caring about the data residing on that drive. This causes data loss on HDD.
  •  Bad Sectors: The data which you are storing are saved in sectors of your hard drive. Such sectors become bad due to corruption. If your external hard drive is affected by bad sectors, then you will be forced to format your external hard disk to avoid further corruption.
  • Other Factors: There are a variety of other factors which can make your files get lost or deleted in Windows / Mac hard drive. Errors in transfer, MBR corruption and many more errors can be a factor of data loss in Windows / Mac hard drive.

Features of the Software:

Hard drive data recovery tools recovers data from hard drives having bad sectors, formatted, deleted etc. it has advanced technology which allows the user to create “Disk Image” on the HDD which has bad sectors on it and hence, enables to recover data from the hard drive without further affecting it.This application supports recovery from all the popular HDDs manufactures like Toshiba, Seagate, Hitachi, IBM, Western Digital (WD), Maxtor and many others. Hard drive data recovery tools retrieves data from all types of file systems from Windows and Macintosh, such as JFFS2, NTFS, FAT, YAFFS, FAT32, FAT16, HFS+, HFS X and HFS.


  • Always cultivate the habit of taking proper backup of your data before formatting / re-formatting a drive/partition.
  • Never install untrustworthy software on your computer which is capable of accessing your data on the hard drive.
  • Do not install recovery utility on an affected partition/volume of your hard disk drive.

Effective Software to Restore Outlook PST File

PST file is a folder in Microsoft Outlook used for personal storage. In MS Outlook old version, the storage limit for a single user is 2 GB. But, in latest version it is more than 2GB. When you use Microsoft Outlook, your email messages, tasks, calendar, and other items are saved on a mail server, or your computer. Outlook files that are saved on your computer are kept in an Outlook Data File (.pst). There are two types of Outlook data file, one is Outlook data file (.pst) and another one is offline Outlook data file (.ost). Sometimes, you may lose your PST files at some levels due to various reasons like abnormal termination of Outlook, third party software, Incorrect File System Recovery, Faulty Networking, and Storage Device Failure, etc. To restore Outlook PST files, you have to go for tool like Restore PST Files Tool in few simple steps.

Precautions to Avoid Outlook PST Loss

The following are the precautions, which makes you to avoid Outlook PST file corruption in your computer.

  • Do not exit your Outlook abnormally in your PC.
  • Always maintain perfect backup of your Outlook PST file.
  • Do not save your Outlook PST file on server.
  • Delete unwanted or old emails frequently

However, this solution only prevents future losses. It doesn’t recover the files that are already deleted or lost. For this, you have an option to recover your PST file in a most significant manner with advanced tool like restore PST files Software.

Scenarios for Loss of PST Files

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion is the most common cause for the loss of PST files. Sometimes while deleting the unwanted files, you may delete important files. In case if they don’t have a backup of PST files then the severe data loss will be occurred.
  • Upgrade Errors: If you upgrade the Outlook from one version to another while performing operations such as import or export of the data may leads to PST file corruption. Also due to improper update of an application, it can become inaccessible.
  • PST file Oversize:There is size limit for the Outlook PST file. This size indicates that the PST file is capable to hold a particular amount of data if this is exceeded then the PST file may get corrupt.
  • Other Issues: Improper shut down, software clashes, etc. leads to PST file damage or corruption. By this way, you may loss you PST files from MS Outlook.

As said earlier, restore PST files software helps you to survive these types of problems on both Windows and Mac based OS platforms.

Key features of restore PST files utility

It recovers deleted PST files and supports all the latest versions of MS Outlook. This product has the ability to convert damaged or password protected OST files into new healthy PST file. This utility is more compatible with the different versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. This tool helps to analyze the personal folder structure to recover deleted PST files and recover all the data items. It retains original folder structure of Outlook attributes. This tool helps to recover the deleted email messages on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X. This software can able to preview your recovered PST file before restoration. Afterwards, you can save the recovered PST file by getting licensed version of restore PST files utility.

Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos

Hi guys, last couple of week before I went to tour with family and friends there we stayed for a week. During those days we enjoyed one of our best moments of life and I captured lot of photos with friends and family members by using digital camera. The pictures that we took were around 5 GB in size. After returning home, one of my little siblings was using camera seeing all the images and clicking some more photos.

All of sudden, while navigating the camera accidentally memory card is formatted from digital camera and I lost entire favorite picture that was captured in tour. It was a huge loss for me. Is it possible to retrieve deleted photos? I don’t want to lose those precious pictures of my life. It will be great helpful for me, if anyone knows which photo recovery software is reliable to recover images from digital camera. Thanks in advance.

Photos are important in everyone’s life. Capturing a photos is not a constraint anymore, because nowadays almost everyone having mobile phones, camcorder, digital cameras, and more electronic devices that helps to take as many want picture as much easily without any difficulty. Users might treasure these photos in different storage devices such as system internal hard drive, SD cards, memory cards, external hard drives, pen drive and so on. When user view those photos reminds them best moment of their life.

Since there are some incidence might occur, the storage devices may get corrupted due to innumerable reasons this lead user to format the device. The photos stored in these storage devices may get vanished completely or some other reasons for deletion of pictures. In this situation user may feel tensed and thinks how to get back lost or erased images.

What are reasons for deletion or lose of photos?

In this article, we tried to bring out some situations that cause deletion or lose of pictures from the system or camera or mobile phone, etc.

Human error: while accessing the stored pictures from any of these devices user may inadvertently perform deletion operation on favorite photos while attempting to delete some unappealing data.

Formatting storage device: Sometimes user might format storage device which contains important photos. Within few minutes all the images will get erased from the system.

Corruption in file system: Suppose, the photos stored on particular hard drive partition. If the file system of that partition’s gets damaged or corrupted then it prevents from accessing the pictures along with the other data from that partition.

Interruption during file transfer: When user copies the photo from any external drives to other storage media. Most users prefer to use cut and copy command to transfer photos. In this process, any interruption occurs which lead to loss of pictures from computer.

Other scenarios: There may be some other factors for deletion or lost of photos from the PC such as abruptly system shut downs, emptying recycle bin or trash, operating system corrupted, viruses and malware attacks, suddenly power failure, etc.

How to perform photo recovery operation?

User can make the use of third party tool like Best Photo Recovery application to restore erased images. This utility can retrieve photos which supports different file format like PSD, BMP, RAW photo, TIF, PNG, JPEG, GIF and more. With the help of this Photo recovery software user can easily recover deleted photos from various memory card types like XC card, CF card, SDHC, SD card, etc. Pictures that may be deleted or lost on Windows or Mac based PC can undelete it. This utility restores photos from different interface of hard drives like SATA, SACI and IDE.

How to Recover Data from Hard Drive Partition

It is always suggested to make use of a hard drive as multiple drives, and not as a single drive, as it increases the efficiency and output of the machine. It is for this very reason, that partitioning is performed on a hard drive, to divide the hard drive into multiple logical sectors.

Partitioning is advantageous in many ways, as different partitions can be used for installation of different operating systems. Not only this, partitions can be used effectively and efficiently, by organizing data in an orderly format of the partitions of our choice.

A partition on a hard drive might get corrupted, or deleted due to various reasons like formatting of unallocated disk space, corruption of NTFS directory structure, running Chuck after disk de-fragmentation, or the most common reason, by accidental deletion of the partition. When a partition is deleted, in general, only its partition table entry removed from a table. Although the data is no longer accessible, it still remains on the disk until being overwritten, and hence you can still recover partition data by using an advanced data recovery software.

There are many data recovery application available in market, but the problem is that which one is the best or suitable for your data losses scenarios. So there is no need to be tense because here in this post I am going to describe an advanced and effective data recovery tool that is enough capable to recover hard drive partition that can be deleted or lost in any way. Recover Partition is one of such recovery program that is enough capable to recover data from formatted, deleted or lost hard drive partition with ease. This utility has built with an advanced scanning algorithm to get back every point of data from drive partition. Let us talk about some features of this Recover Partition application in details.

  • This advanced utility can be utilized for partitions recovery of various hard drive manufacturing brands such as Seagate, HP, Toshiba, Hitachi, LaCie, Maxtor, Buffalo
  • By using this Recover Partition program you can recover data from formatted partition on various Mac system, including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion & Mountain Lion.
  • Crashed hard disk, non-bootable hard drives and also unerase drive partition data can be recovered by using this powerful application.
  • Can be utilized for lost data recovery from hard drive partition on Windows based systems such as Win 7, Win server 2003, Win XP, Win server 2008, Win 8 and Win vista.
  • External hard drive, memory cards, USB drives and other external drive recovery are also possible with this tool.
  • Enables you to recover more than 300 files from hard drive partition such as documents, audios, videos, picture, text files, software, excel, and many others with ease.

So, as we discussed above Recover Partition is capable to recover data from hard drive partition that can be deleted, lost, formatted and also corrupted or inaccessible with ease. In order to know inaccessible hard drive data recovery follow this link: http://www.recover-partition.net/inaccessible-hard-drive.html