Solution to Recover Files from Emptied Trash Folder on Mac

Have you emptied Trash bin on Mac computer? If so then you are wondering on how to get back deleted files after emptying Trash. Well, you are very lucky because here is one to solution for you to perform recovery of erased files from Trash bin on Mac. In order to perform recovery of deleted files, you need to use My File Recovery software. It can never let you go back while recovering Trash bin files with few clicks of mouse.

You can find plenty of tools available for recovering files deleted after emptying Trash bin. All are not trusted; hence selection of proper software is important for you. Among all the readily available tools, My File Recovery is suggested by technical experts to use it to perform speedy recovery of Trash bin data on Mac. Due to user mistakes or unknown reasons, plenty of Mac computer users experiencing Trash bin data deletion situations. This inimitable utility provides complete solution to such type of problems. It can get back deleted files after emptying Trash on Mac based laptops like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac.

Possible Scenarios lead to Deletion of Files as a result of Emptying from Trash Bin:

Usage of Command + Shift + Delete Key Combination: It is the practice of Mac users that they use Command + Shift + Delete key combination to delete unwanted files. While doing so, if you select imperative files using “Select All” option then files may bypass the Trash bin.

Due to Emptying Trash Bin: In most of the cases, after deleting important files due to habit of users they click on option empty Trash bin resulting in deletion of files.

Unintentional Deletion: Sometimes, you may simply delete the file and later when you look at Trash bin it resides there. If you want to restore that data, you need to click on “Restore” option. While doing so, if you accidentally click on emptying Trash bin option then it leads to deletion of data.

No matter how you delete the files after emptying Recycle bin, the end result is suffering from data loss. In order to get back deleted data, you can make use of this efficient software.

Some Unique Features of My File Recovery Tool:

  • The files such as documents, project files, PPT, PPTX, PDF, emails and RAW images are recovered by this utility.
  • It has the capacity to identify more than 300 file types deleted from Trash bin on Mac.
  • Most of the users unaware of possible methods to execute recovery of their beloved files but if they use it then they will get good result within couple of minutes.
  • This tool can perform scanning of Trash bin folder to recognize and retrieve deleted files on Mac OS of all versions.
  • It supports recovery of data from removable disks like USB drives, FireWire drives, Thumb drives, etc.

How to Repair MP4 2041 Error?

“Last night I saw a video on my system which is in MP4 format. Today when I opened that video it shows an error like MP4 20141 error. Is there any software to repair MP4 video file which shows an error like 2041 MP4 error? “

If you are in such situation then it is the right place where you will get the exact solution of your query. By using advanced repairing software you can repair MP4 which is corrupted due to various reasons. There are so many software that are available online but you can make use of Repair MP4 software to repair MP4 error 2041 because this software is reviewed and recommended by many industrial experts. The software has inbuilt special scanning algorithms which scans corrupted MP4 video file and repairs all your MP4 video files within a few mouse clicks.

Reasons that are responsible for MP4 error 2041:

MP4 header corruption: Header files stores all information of MP4 file that are used for accessing it. If it gets corrupted due to any reasons then it may show an error like MP4 error 2041 and you can’t play your MP4 video file.

Virus Attack: Viruses may intrude into your MP4 video files through internet or virus affected devices that are used during transferring files and shows an error message. As a result your MP4 video file becomes unplayable.

Improper shutdown of System: If your system shutdown automatically when you are playing any MP4 video file then it also leads to corruption of MP4 video file are playing any MP4 video file and when you try to open this MP4 video file, you may encounter error code like MP4 error 2041.

Other Reasons: Renaming file extension, application failure, Hardware failure, incomplete installation of media players also result in corruption of MP4 video file which shows an error message like MP4 2041 error.

Precautionary Measures:

  • If your storage device get corrupted or damaged then don’t store MP4 video file on it.
  • Use appropriate player to play MP4 video file to avoid corruption of MP4 video file.
  • Keep backup of important MP4 video files in case of emergency when MP4 video files get corrupted.

Features of Repair MP4 software:

  • Repair MP4 software has unique feature that can separately repair audio and video file and later merge them to create healthy playable video file.
  • It can repair MP4 error 2041, 2048 error, etc.
  • This software is capable of repairing MP4 video file that shows an error message like MP4 2014 error on all latest versions of Windows and Mac
  • The software has Preview option which allows you to preview the repaired files but you can’t save the repaired file. If you are satisfied with the repaired results then you can activate the application with its full version.
  • It can repair MP4 file are stored on various storage device such as iPods, flash drive, USB flash drive, memory cards, hard drive, external hard drive, , pen drive, etc.
  • This software is capable of repairing MP4 video files that are captured from various brands of digital camera such as Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, Samsung, Canon, etc.
  • It can also repair corrupted MOV, AVI, etc video files.

An Advanced Way to Recover Data from Hard Drive

Formatting is a process of erasing all the contents from your computer hard drive. You can format your hard device in two ways like full format and quick format.  Full format will scan the hard drive from scratch; rebuild all of its file structures. On the other hand, Quick format will just blank FAT and directory table without checking for bad sectors. Whenever you format a drive you should be very careful and should have taken the backup of the data stored on the device. After formatting you can use this data to restore back your data.

In some situations formatting becomes mandatory; it is not a dangerous task until and unless you have a backup of your data. The problem arises only when you don’t have the backup, because this leads to permanent loss of data from hard drive. Consider a situation in which you are trying to open a file, but due to some errors, you will not be able to open it. In order to open this file you will be asked to format the drive, you will not even allowed to take the backup. In this situation, you forced to format the hard drive, to be on safer side you opt to do Quick format. After formatting process, you will be worried about how to recover my hard drive after quick format. But now you no need to worry, because there is recovery software that can recover all your lost and formatted data from your hard drive. My Hard Drive Recovery is such program that enables you to recover hard drive data easily. If you want to know about quick formatted hard drive data recovery process then, check it out:
Common reasons behind hard drive formatting:

  • Accidentally selecting a wrong dive partitioning and format it for which there is no back up, while partitioning and formatting the drive
  • Unknowingly selecting the “format” option instead of selecting “scan for viruses” option on any drive
  • Forcefully formatting the drive due to some errors while trying to access a file or document
  • File system corruption due to virus, spyware, malware attack also leads to formatting the drive
  • Reinstalling the Operating system also leads to formatting the hard drive

In all the above situations, if there you don’t have the backup, there are chances of losing data. In such cases, I can undoubtedly say that this My Hard Drive Recovery software can perform data recovery from hard drive.

Following are the key features of this software that made me confident about it:

  • Disk Cloning feature helps in data recovery from hard drives with bad sectors and in quick recovery of deleted files
  • Able to recover and even identify different file formats based on their unique file signatures
  • Easily recovers complete data from formatted, repartitioned, re-formatted and crashed d hard drives from both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Supports recovery of data even from corrupted file systems
  • It also bypasses bad sectors by creating disk image files and recover files from different types of memory cards, iPods, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc.

In order to check the ability of this My Hard Drive Recovery program, you can download the free trial version of the software first. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can purchase it. Once you download the utility, follow these steps:

  • Install it on your desktop or laptop and Run the software
  • Select the “Recover  Partition / Drive ” option from the main screen  and then click on “Formatted Recovery” option on the next window
  • Select the drive for recovery and press “Next”
  • Scanning process starts, once it completes, save the session and then  you can see all your recovers files
  • Can even view each files using the “Preview” option to evaluate the chances of recovery
  • Now, purchase the software and save the recovered files


Solution to Move Outlook PST File.

Microsoft Outlook is a part of Microsoft Company which is written in C++ language. It is fully fledged email client with advanced attributes and provides a single and integrated solution for organizing and managing the digital communication tools such as e-mails, and instant messages, along with these, Outlook is used to control the deluge of e-mails, appointments, contacts, which helps to manage your time and tasks very effectively and it consists of folders such as inbox, outbox, search folder, junk mails, RSS feeds, etc. With the Outlook it is possible to synchronize the e-mails from other e-mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, etc.

PST stands for Personal Storage table. Microsoft Outlook uses this PST files in order to store its data information with an Outlook profile. When Outlook account is created, Microsoft Outlook automatically creates a PST file and links it to the created account. It has so many folders and each has its data related to Outlook attributes like e-mails, notes, contacts, etc.PST files use .pst extension in order to save the files.

Reasons behind the deletion of PST files:

  • Power failure: While accessing the PST files, suddenly if power failure occurs than the PST files gets deleted and accidental deletion is also one of the main cause for the deletion of the files.
  • Virus attack: The PST files get deleted due to virus attack.  This virus enters into the system through internet or by sharing files or by downloading infected sites. This virus enters into the folders and deletes the PST files.
  • File system corruption: When file system gets corrupted some parts of the PST files are deleted or over written with the garbage data which makes the PST file incomplete or becomes inaccessible to open.
  • Size limit: Microsoft Outlook consists of size limit that it can access the files with a size limit. The PST files get deleted if the size of these files in the Outlook gets exceeded.
  • Inappropriate termination: due to improper termination of Outlook the PST files gets deleted.

The files get deleted permanently if a backup of that file is not provided. The user has to suffer a great loss if the files get deleted, so no need to worry in these cases because we can recover our deleted files by providing a backup with the help of Migrate Outlook software. Where backup is nothing but taking copy of the PST file which is going to be deleted and Migrate Outlook software is used to provide efficient email backup and migration software that helps to back up and Move Outlook PST file.

Features of Migrate Outlook software:

  • Migrate Outlook software is used to migrate and back up all the outlook data including PST files and other outlook items.
  • It is used to resettle Outlook data such as contacts, emails, journals, calendar, reminders, etc.
  • MS Outlook software consists of a powerful algorithm which is used to relocate outlook 2010 PST file to Outlook 2013 PST file, without having any difficulty.
  • By the use of Migrate outlook software there is no data loss at the time of PST file migration process.
  • Supports both Windows operating systems (such as Windows server 2003, 2007, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.) and Mac operating systems (such as Maverick, Lion, leopard, Snow Leopard).
  • Migrate Outlook software has the capability to provide backup file with password protect, and compress or split the backup file.

How to Repair Oversized Outlook PST File?

MS Outlook is a prestigious product of Microsoft, which is available as a part of Microsoft Office suite. Even though it is used mainly as an email application, it also has a calendar, task manager, contact manager, journal, web browsing and also note handler. It is used widely for global communication. Each and every data in Outlook are stored as Outlook data files especially PST file.

Though there are many useful features of using Microsoft Outlook, the Outlook files may get oversized sometimes if you are using previous versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2002. Due to this oversize the file may get corrupted due to many reasons. As a result, Outlook may stop working; user cannot access the mail information in Outlook. But, there is no need to worry about how to repair oversized PST file. This problem can be effectively repaired using Oversized PST tool. To know more about these visit this page.

What makes a PST File Over-sized?

You may send / receive a number of emails, create notes, add contacts to Address Book, calendar items, etc. while working on Microsoft Outlook application. After using the Outlook for certain time, your mailbox will hold a huge amount of data which makes the corresponding PST files to grow in size. You can repair oversized PST file within a few simple steps with the help of Oversized PST tool.

After years of use, the PST files may get exceeds size limit, which may results in raising the chances of corruption. When a PST file get over-sized, then it became difficult for the user to send or receive mails, move items and archiving PST files.

What is the specialty of Oversized PST software?

  • During scanning, Oversized PST Software only go through the original file and creates a new PST file. So that your original PST file will not be damaged further.
  • You can repair oversized PST files as well as it also supports OST files.
  • It can repair and restores all the sorts of PST file contents such as contacts, attachments, journals, reminders etc. easily.
  • Files that cannot be repaired using Inbox Repair Tool can be repaired using oversized PST repair tool.
  • Email messages that are emptied from deleted items folder can be recovered using oversized PST Software.
  • Outlook style browser view helps the user to preview the repaired item.
  • The PST files, which are password protected, can also be repaired.
  • If the user doesn’t know the location of the PST files, it can be searched and found.
  • To ensure safety of the source PST file, the recovered data is stored in a new personal storage file format (PST).

How to avoid PST file corruption due to oversize?

  • Unwanted emails and other data can be deleted to decrease the PST file size.
  • Remove the emails from the Deleted Items Folder permanently.
  • PST file can be archived on regular basis so that the old data will be moved to the archive folder.

How to Exchange OST to PST in an Easy Way

Are you looking to move PST file into new PC?

Microsoft Outlook is the best email client application developed by Microsoft. Outlook accounts are commonly used by the corporates for sending and receiving mails from there prospective clients. Outlook also supports attributes like attachments, contacts, calendar items, notes, appointments, journals and many more.

With the help of Microsoft Exchange Server we can use Outlook account without internet connection this feature separates Outlook from other email client application. To access Outlook profile offline they create an offline folder with OST (Offline Storage Table) extension.

OST file plays a critical role in accessing the data even when they are offline. In some situation OST files may damage and it may restrict offline accessibility of Outlook profile completely. At these situations, use Exchange OST to PST for converting your OST to PST file.

Why to exchange OST to PST file

  • When you want to upgrade your old Windows operating system to its new version, in this situation you have to exchange OST to PST file to get access in your new operating system or in upgraded outlook application.
  • Where you want to switch your own Outlook profile to other Windows system.
  • User may have to convert OST to PST file to view the PST files from the server.
  • Accidental closing of Outlook application may corrupt OST file and Outlook profile. In order to access the corrupted file user have to exchange OST to PST file.
  • OST file may get corrupt and inaccessible due to moving OST file on bad sectors of the hard drive.
  • Sudden system shut down while using MS Outlook application may damages the Outlook OST files.
  • OST file may get damaged due to virus attack in your computer, sometimes this may lead to inaccessibility of information in your Outlook profile.

If you are suffering from this situations then don’t worry use exchange ost to pst utility to find solution for your problem.

Convert OST to PST File utility

Exchange OST to PST is a professional tool that helps users to convert OST to PST file within a short span of time. It is user friendly and easy to use. It is a popular exchange tool used by industry experts for exchanging OST to PST file effectively from Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, etc.

Using convert OST to PST utility, we can easily convert OST files to PST files which are protected by password that went inaccessible due to any scenarios. This application ensure safe exchange of OST to PST file with few mouse clicks, because it is a read only application. The conversion process will not affect the original file. It means, the application reads only the original file and create a copy of the same for creating a new file.

The user can locate OST files on hard drive by using find OST file option, which are not discovered by the user itself. The inaccessible attributes like emails, contacts, attachments, reminders, notes, etc. can be easily accessible after the exchange of OST to PST file. This advanced application is also used for recover information from corrupted OST file.

With the help of this ost to pst conversion software, you can convert OST to PST file that is stored in hard drive, external hard drive, solid state drive, pen drives, memory cards etc.

Find an Easy Way to Restore Erased Files

I have deleted some important emails from Outlook PST file accidentally and before I could restore it my friend emptied entire files from recycle bin folder. Later I try to achieve a system restore for getting back deleted files but that didn’t effort… I distrust very much at that situation but is there any way to rescue all the deleted files? Anything would assist, thanks to all..!

Of course, if you deleted the emails from Outlook PST file then don’t panic. The erased files are actually still on your computer but your computer itself cannot be able to find them. In such a time you need some powerful deleted file recovery tool named My Undelete software which can be able to restore the deleted files. But don’t wait too long! At first, you should stop or downloading or installing any new data on the system drives. The reason is once you save new files onto the drive it will begins to use the free memory space created by deleted files and it grow to be much harder and lost forever.

You can scan computer with the reliable recovery software named My Undelete which is introduced below and find what the files it can retrieves are.

Undelete Emails from Outlook PST:

MS Outlook PST file may get erased due to delete option Shift + Delete key combination or file erasing happen on PST file deletion by some powerful third party utility. In such situation, you can execute My Undelete utility which can perform email recovery and it makes sure that original PST file attributes will not be modified after the completion of recovery process.

Undelete Partition from Windows System:

File deletion from system partition on Windows system can often happen while doing some operation on Windows Disk Utility. If any issues like selecting wrong partition for deletion, system failure will cause severe file loss from partition. In such a kind of situation, just implement this reliable My Undelete software, which can effectively recover erased files in a few clicks on this utility.

Undelete Files from Mac System:

Files on MAC system may get erased by using Command + Delete option, Terminal window deletion, Trash folder deletion, and so on. You can easily overcome these deletion scenarios by this efficient recovery tool.

Undelete Media Files from Android Phones:

This utility can rescue media files including images and videos. These files may get deleted from Android phones when you are previewing those files by accident, third party software deletion, creating free memory space, and so on.

Some Advantages of My Undelete Software:

  • You can identify the location of erased PST file on your PC by make use of utility which helps you to find out the accurate location of PST file where it was erased.
  • The demo version of My Undelete tool is utilized to save recovery session which is used to restart the recovery process later.
  • It can restores different file types including documents(Word file, PowerPoint file, PDF file, Excel file etc.) and media files such as still images, audio files, digital video files and so on.
  • Minimum internal disk space is sufficient about 50MB to install this My Undelete tool.
  • 24/7 highly professional customer support which helps you to clear your doubts about this utility at any time.

Recover Lost Files from Formatted Mac Hard Drive

“Can I unformat my Mac hard drive? I have accidentally formatted my MAC hard drive. As a result of it I have lost all important data. Is there any way to help me to Unformat Mac hard drive?’

Have you ever encountered with such situation, then this is the right place where you can unformat your Mac hard drive within a minutes. You may think that it is difficult or impossible but one thing I will tell you that you can recover it in easy way. But one thing you have to remember that once you lose your data, don’t overwrite it with the new data otherwise you may lose those data permanently. To recover data you may have to use any recovery tool. So you can make use of Unformat Mac software to recover files from formatted Mac hard drive.

Scenarios behind data loss from Mac hard drive:

Accidental Formatting: During re-installation of operating system, instead of formatting particular volume, you may format the whole hard drive. As a result you may encounter with huge data loss.

Inappropriate use of Time Machine Application: The inappropriate use of Time Machine Application also results in creation of wrong backup. As a result you may end up with data loss.

Apple Partition Map: It is use d by Mac OS X. It stores the information about the number of partition present, size of partition, storage capacity of partition, etc. If Apple Partition Map get corrupt then the volume become unreachable and leads to severe data loss.

Other Reasons: Catalog file corruptions, volume header corruption, unintentionally formatting are some of the situations where you may leads to severe data loss.

Some points to remember in mind before and after formatting a hard drive:

  • Always keep a backup of important data in any storage device so that you can use it after data loss.
  • Check twice before formatting a hard drive
  • Do not overwrite new data to a formatted hard drive

Features of Unformat Mac software:

  • Unformat Mac software is capable of retrieving files from Mac hard drives as well as from FireWire devices, iPods, USB drives, MMC flash memory cards, SD, XD, CF cards, camcorders etc.
  • It can also recover data on Mac that are deleted using shift+ delete button, command prompt or empty trash.
  • It recovers deleted or lost files such as videos, audios, documents, etc.
  • It also recovers lost, deleted and formatted Mac volume recovery
  • Unfomat Mac software has in built “Find Tool” to search and locate files from recovered data list after Mac drive recovery.
  • This software restore data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 formatted volumes.
  • Users can sort the recovered files on the basis of size, file name, data and file type.
  • Preview option allows the users to preview the recovered files prior to data restoration.
  • This software works on both Intel and PowerPC Mac platforms.

Easy way to Recover Photos from iPhoto Library

iPhoto is the popular application software that is provided with the Mac Operating Systems. It is also called image editor.  iPhoto stores all the photos and information related to the photo in a library called as iPhoto Library Folder. iPhoto organizes all your photos so that it will be easy to track all the files. iPhoto library contains a copy of the images that you had uploaded from different media like Digital camera or photos from internet or other resources. iPhoto Library Folder also contains the data files that show different attributes like ratings, keyword, album etc. In case any of these information or the images deleted from the library then it becomes difficult to access the related files. Also it becomes very difficult if you don’t have the backup of all these images.

Sometimes your Mac Operating System may encounter errors that can cause iPhoto Library corruption. If the iPhoto Database files become corrupt then you can just imagine how critical situation is when you have thousands of photos in the iPhoto and now you can’t access them. In this case you need the Mac iPhoto recovery software to perform Mac photo recovery to restore the lost, corrupted or deleted iPhoto files and photos stored in iPhoto library.

Common Scenarios where Photos are Deleted or Lost from iPhoto library are as follows:

Accidental Deletion of Photos:  Deleting photos from iPhoto library accidentally will lead to loss of photos.

iPhoto library Corruption: iPhoto library gets corrupted due to human errors or virus attack, which results in picture loss.

Other Reasons: Photos may get deleted from your iPhoto library due to various reasons like accidental deletion, unintentional formatting or re-formatting volume, file system corruption, power surge, improper system shutdown, etc.

Various Exclusive Features of Mac Photo Recovery Software:

  • You can perform photo recovery from iPhoto library using good Mac Photo Recovery software that can easily recover deleted or lost files from volumes, Mac partitions and also recovers lost, corrupted or deleted iPhoto files and photos stored in iPhoto library.
  • The software also provides an easy approach to recover files emptied from Trash, formatted partitions or after re-installing Mac Operating System.
  • The powerful built-in search engine mechanism locates and rescues erased photos quickly. The software supports recovery of files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems and it supports 64-bit Mac OS X like Snow Leopard.
  • You can preview the deleted or lost files prior to saving it using the Preview option.
  • The software is user friendly that is user without much technical knowledge can also recover their lost or deleted files very easily.
  • Before purchasing this utility, you can download the trail version to check the success of recovery. If you are satisfied with the trail results you can purchase the license version of the tool to restore your deleted or lost files from iPhoto library.

Having a Hard Time to Repair PST File? Then go Through this Article

Outlook PST files are the most vital importance for the Outlook user. Any kind of corruption on the PST file hampers the proper functioning of the Outlook user. As a result most of the technical experts always advise the user to keep regular backup of the important PST file. In case of any loss of data, it can be imported back from the backup files. And when the most panicking situation arises, and when you do not have the backup copy of the PST files then you might lost access to the PST file. If you are the one who has lost access to the MS Outlook inbox, then the thought of despair and helplessness can take over. You won’t feel that the way once you realize that there is a utility named as Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool that helps to fix all the issues on PST files.

Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool addresses the corruption and damages which usually are the root causes for the PST files to be inaccessible. All your emails, attachments, tasks, calendars, contacts and other attributes can be recovered from your Outlook application.

How to use this MS Outlook inbox repair tool?

In order to check for and to fix the corrupted Outlook PST file using inbox repair tool, you should follow the give procedure which are mentioned below:

Initially you must make sure that the Outlook application is closed. Then run the Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool at its default location. It is also possible to find this file with the help of Windows Search feature if this is not found at its default location. Then you must specify the name of the PST file which need to be fixed in the ‘Enter the name of the file you want to scan’ box. And also you can click ‘Browse’ in order to find the desired file in your system. Click on the Options to choose the scan log options and click on Start. If you encounter any errors then click repair to start the repairing process. Then from the Go menu, select the folder list. In this list, you can notice the ‘Recovered Personal Folders’ folder or the ‘Lost and Found’ folders. This ‘Recover Personal Folders’ is the folder which comprises the default mail folders and the ‘Lost and Found’ folder which consists of the recovered items.

After repairing the corrupted Outlook PST files, you can see a list of recovered files in the left pane of your MS Outlook application. You have to create a new PST file on your profile and move the recovered items in it so that those files can be used as before.

Factors responsible for the corruption of Outlook PST file. Improper termination of the Outlook application, virus intrusion, Outlook up-gradation, fault in network device, bad hard disk sectors, oversize PST issues in earlier version of the Outlook application and many others causes corruption of outlook PST files.

In addition to other factors that corrupt the PST file, inbox repair tool helps in repairing PST file in safe and secure manner. Get additional information on how to fix corrupted Outlook PST file by referring to this website